Here we go!  Children need to understand that Jesus loves them and that God has a plan.  By walking through “the FLOW” below, you will be able to see and explain the 7 essential movements in Christian discipleship.

1.  There is a DIVINE DESIGN.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is where everything begins, lives, & ends.  A biblical understanding & application of the full-context, biblical gospel is always our starting point & guide.

2.  Healthy discipleship involves the HEAD, the HEART, & the HANDS.  Children need to be discipled with an understanding of God’s truth for their head, God’s love for their heart, and the reality of spiritual warfare and a call to serving with their hands.

3.  There are FIVE STAGES OF SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT.  All people, past, present, & future, can be seen somewhere in this “dynamic” graphic.  Every person in the world is either a LOST soul, a new LOVER of God, a growing LEARNER, a developing LEADER for God, or a fully devoted, “all in” LIFER for Christ.

4.  THE FUNDAMENTALS OF THE FAITH.  Children, like adults, need to understand the principles and moving parts of God’s plan for His people.  There are 7 detailed “fundamentals” that help us all to better understand & apply Christ-like learning, loving, & living.

5.  CHRISTIAN DISCIPLINES help to grow & strengthen the hearts of Christ-followers.  Children will be blessed to learn & engage these 12 spiritual disciplines.  At age-appropriate levels, each of the disciplines can help our little ones live & love for Jesus.

6.  BE the CHURCH.  Children need to understand that “church” is not a place to go, but rather, a people to become!  We have identified 24 divine, discipleship distinctives that, when lived out collectively, create a manifesto & portrait of the family of God.

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